Why Web Magazine?

More Readers

Efficient content marketing lures new customers and helps to keep the current ones. Web magazine reaches more readers with search engine optimization and social media sharing possibilities. Web magazine is also more environmental friendly option to printed magazine.

Content to Print and Web Automatically

Cost efficient web magazine saves in print and distribution costs. Automatic magazine layout and publishing features enable the easy publication of printed magazine.

Easy Publishing and Content Management

Web magazine publishing and content production goes smoothly with easy-to-use formatting functions. Article content can be easily managed with tailored application. Separate material bank is used to complement the story with pictures and other media.

Lively Web Version

Visually elegant and responsive graphical design lure both mobile and desktop users. The potential in using text, pictures and video are practically unlimited. Modern magazines, reports, annual reports and guidebooks in the web strenghten company brand as a modern enterprise, which is open to new ideas.

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Use Cases


More and more users read their magazine in the web. With Web magazine you can get new readers without giving up the printed version. Web magazine reaches the reader everywhere and all the time, easily and quickly. 
To our customer, Finnish Consulting Group, we have created a web magazine designed for customer communications. The magazine makes it smooth for FCG to publish articles about current topics. News archive enables reading previously published magazines.


Communication to stakeholders and investors is natural with annual report in the web. Especially generating graphs and tables that interest the investors is easy with web magazine. Good report is a management business card and a prove that company has been managaed to the correct direction.


Electric guidebooks are easy to maintain up-to-date with the easy-to-use web content management system. Electrical guidebooks are also more ecological option to printed guidebooks. The guidebook in the web makes it easier for the customer to find information. With our solution, you can also create printed guidebooks for specific purposes such as events, meetings and posting.


To many companies and associations the printed version of member magazine is very important and it is read a lot in shared spaces. With our solutions it is possible to publish the magazine also as a fully functional web site. This way, individual articles can be shared in the social media and each article has a possibility to increase search engine visibility.



Easy content marketing in web and print

  • 100 € / month (VAT 0%)
  • 1-3 admin users
  • Logo and colors based on Customer identity
  • 1-2 publications in a year 


Brand building with frequent publications

  • 250 € / month (VAT 0%)
  • 1-5 admin users
  • Logo and colors based on Customer identity
  • 1-4 publications in a year
  • User support 


Fully customized based on needs

  • Ask the price
  • Tailored layouts
  • Unlimited admin users
  • Graphical design based on Customer identity
  • Unlimited publications 

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